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Sambandh PR is a leading Public Relations Agency in Delhi

With Sambandh prefixed to its name, Sambandh Public Relations is a PR agency which places relations at its core. With relations as centerpiece, SambandhPR looks to build favourable opinion for the client employing smart but ethical strategies. As would any top Public Relations Agency do, SambandhPR too places utmost importance on getting gainful media visibility which not just materially benefits the clients but also enhances their overall perception. To do so once in a while would ordinarily satisfy any agency but not for SambandhPR as it takes huge pride in its result oriented approach and for this reason associates rate it among best Public Relations agencies.

Traditionally PR firms have long been employed for media management or at best for getting stories out or dropped .This concept though exists needs to be supplemented by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SEO and others. No gainsaying that the larger purpose remains the same, but employed means have seen a sea change. Nowadays reputations are made or marred in matter of seconds on social media At SambandhPR, we perfectly realise this and are now offering along with traditional PR services, social media, digital media services, website content making, Search Engine Optimisation and overall Brand Management services.

Being more than a decade old PR agency, SambandhPR, has long been employing these strategic tools discussed above for the benefit of the clients. What sets SambandhPR apart and gets it an accolade of being among the leading Public Relation agencies, is its promptness, respect for deadlines, dedication, sincerity and unflinching resolve to provide quality Public Relations services to clients without making them spend a fortune.

SambandhPR, understands the nitty gritties of the media, their pulse, what makes news and most importantly what won’t. Based on this a deep thorough research is done and a PR plan is devised for the client. Another thing ,there is tailor making of plans as each client is different and the concept of copy paste simply does not work in Public Relations. Accordingly the client is provided a very focused plan keeping in view the needs of the client and apparent media context. Such an approach ensures good deliverables. Above all, SambandhPR believes in providing personalised attention, something so rare in this world. Our mission is to get the client its fullest due. We measure success not in terms of coverage but in terms of difference we have made to its perception.

PR is among most evolved and dynamic professions and what worked yesterday may not work today. Yet at its core is saving, preserving, enhancing reputation and as a leading PR agency SambandhPR simply just does this.

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It’s PR that needs to be creative. It’s PR that needs to be new and different. It’s PR that needs to be original. The best way to establish a brand is to create a new category, and creating a new category requires creative thinking of the highest order.Al & Laura Ries

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