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Our Core Area

Healthcare & Wellness

SambandhPR started with Hospitality but over a period of time have diversified into Healthcare and Wellness. We have been associated with unique cancer treatment drug whi.....

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Education in India from time immemorial has been placed at highest pedestal so much so that it was equated with God-Sarawati. Come to modern times, the education is consi.....

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Corporate & Finance

We have worked for banks, one of the biggest overseas development agency in India and several other corporate operating in the realm of building construction, real estate.....

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IT & Electronics

There is an explosion in IT and Electronic world. Everyday there is a new product with new technology and with this, there is ever growing need to tell people about its u......

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The internet revolution has created an eco system where in a high number of highly qualified youngsters have plunged into doing something of their own. They are experimen.....

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Sports had seen tremendous changes internationally. Some of these can be seen in India as well. There is greater degree of professionalism with professional leagues being.....

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