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Media Planning

Among bouquet of services provided by SambandhPR, we offer media planning as well. Since we have deep insight of the different media, the audience that they target, their core readership and the kind of brands, entities, organisations who would benefit by being present in there, it was but natural for us to branch into media planning. Here in we help clients with letting them know when, where, how to advertise and how much would get them best return on investment. We do entire cut to paste job like planning the media mix, target market, scheduling, deciding the geographic location, designing the art work, getting the best rate and placing the advertisement in the right set of media. Besides, we help gauge the client the impact of this on their brand visibility and ultimately improvement in sales. These plans are not based on instincts but scientifically conducted surveys/ researches .It looks holistically at the marketing problem where is the sale coming from, where it has potential but response has been lower.There can be segment which is completely untapped.All the factors are taken into account, before the media planning is done. As always, since we do deep research, the clients do benefit greatly with do it all and all under one roof approach.

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