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Healthcare & Wellness

SambandhPR started with Hospitality but over a period of time have diversified into Healthcare and Wellness. We have been associated with unique cancer treatment drug which was the result of clinical trials done in the country. Based on our in depth study we were able to get mainstream media interested in it. Besides we have been associated with Pharma companies as well. Further on, in this sector we have served and continue to be associated with various super speciality Hospitals. In addition, we have also been associated with individual Doctors from various fields offering them complete PR and marketing support. Further more we have been associated with Government bodies in the health sector too.As always we have offered super results to our clients. Healthcare by nature is critical in nature and has huge human and emotional element involved and communication plans must keep this factors in mind.At SambandhPR we keep interest of all in mind and likewise roll in the PR activity.

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