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Online Reputation Management

In older times, which is actually not more than 5 years ago, you only had newspapers or electronic TV and to some degree few online platforms. Now adays, it is the social media where the stories are breaking. Most the stories first break on social media before they are picked by mainstream media. Social media statuses are these days topic of discussion. Senior politicians take recourse to social media to spell their mind on issues of national importance. And another thing social media is not confined to one geography or region, it is the entire world which is in the reach. But having known its power, one should be very careful about the things we post on these platforms. It leads to formation of opinion or perception which once formed, will become difficult to obliterate. Those who are in the public field, must seek or use experts who know how this works. The team at SambandhPR is well trained and experienced in providing online reputation and is already providing these services to host of clients.

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