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About us

PR Agency in Delhi, PR Company Delhi, Sambandh PR

About us

Founded in the year 2001 by Mr Gurdeep Singh, Sambandh Public Relations works with single minded objective of delivering value to the client. The key strength of Sambandh remains excellent relation with the people who matter in media and putting across the right strategy so as to ensure highest possible recall for the brand. The core competency of Sambandh Public Relations is in getting results without making clients spend a fortune and giving sound and honest advice on the mindset of media on the possibilities of editorial coverage on the given subject.

Quality and in depth research of the concerned subject is what distinguishes Sambandh Public Relations from others. Proactive approach, not waiting for things to happen but rather making things happen is another singular quality of ours. Other qualities are respect for the deadlines, always placing the clients interest at the pedestal but at the same time being honest with them about the possibility of particular story being picked. Then there is all important aspect of follow ups, how ,when and how much to follow up is an art which people at SambandhPR practise and understand absolutely well. According to SambandhPR’s founder Director, Mr Gurdeep Singh, "PR is 24*7 industry and those who remain well versed with the evolving media and meet the deadlines have the best chance of delivering value to clients". So continuous improvement and obsession to excellence is what drives each person at Sambandhpr Public Relations.

How we work

Each client is unique and needs a tailor made plan. One size fits all does not exist in public relations. So accordingly we study the client, his requirements, who are their competitors and the angle through which they can be covered. Based on all this we come up with suitable plans and draw strategies accordingly .We find out the journalist covering the beat, what editorial format is available from the particular client’s point of view and how best the clients interest can be served .Mails are sent to respective journalists covering the respective beat, followed by personal visits and post that pitches as per the editorial formats of the particular media.

Our Strength

SambandhPR equally lays stress on deep study of media journals which ultimately leads to great result for the clients.
Our strength is being well informed and having good relations with people who matter the most-the journalists. This apart our biggest strength is being obsessive about service delivery with the benefit of the client at the core of all our operations and processes. Another strength which we rate above all is that we love the work that we do and don’t consider anything as impossible. Interpretation, deep study and analysis are other areas where we distinguish ourselves. However self praise is no recommendation and we always say proof of pudding lies in eating.

PR Agency in Delhi, PR Company Delhi, Sambandh PR

Our Core Area

Key People

SambandhPR’s founder, is a very passionate kind of person who takes pride in the work he does. He loves reading newspapers and at the back of hand can tell the format of the newspaper and the journalist who writes on the given beat even if the agency has not worked on that particular beat during recent past.Being an MBA in finance, he takes keen interest in the financial markets as well.Averse to jargons used by the marketers these days, his favourite line is –Keep it simple and stupid (KISS).Given his experience, it is obvious that he is involved in the strategy making and implementation. Being a bit old fashioned, he prefers being behind the scene and believes in let the work do the talking. He says our role is that of being playback singer and self projection runs counters to the profession we are in. He lays lot of emphasis on basic ethics and leads by example.
An MBA in marketing, Ms Tarandeep is a veteran marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience, she is more than one way the face of the organisation. Being for many years on the other side herself, she can very well place herself on the client side and understand their mindset. She clearly understands what will benefit the client and what will not. She is well versed with the latest market trends and clients hugely benefit from her PR and marketing inputs. Being peoples person and outgoing by nature, she can be counted to be present in any worthwhile industry event happening in the city. For her PR is not to be done, it is an extension of something she normally does. She believes relationship is key to success in any profession and one must do all that one can, to nurture them. Needless to say, she is friend with journalists and not a professional pal.

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